GLOC-3 & IGR-4 and INMS Activity 2.4 & 3.1 Meetings in Bali, Indonesia, October 22-27 2017

Meeting Information

Intergovernmental Review Meetings (IGR) are held every 5 years. This will be the fourth IGR (IGR-4), where delegates from each country and other stakeholders will meet to discuss the work of the GPA. Prior to an IGR, a Global Conference on Land-Ocean Connections (GLOC) is normally organised to gather stakeholders together to discuss current and emerging marine and coastal issues and to adequately inform decision makers. This will be the third GLOC (GLOC-3). For information on previous IGR and GLOC meetings click here.

INMS will be contributing to this year's GLOC-3 & IGR-4 by:

  • Hosting a workshop on the development of future N scenarios (starting October 22nd) in relation to INMS Activity 2.4: "Exploration of future N storylines & scenarios with management/mitigation options & cost-benefit analysis"
  • Hosting a workshop on developing a common approach to the INMS regional demonstrations, including: East Asia, South Asia, East Africa (Lake Victoria catchment), Latin America (La Plata), East Europe (Dniester/Prut/Lower Danube), and North America (Noosak River between US & Canada) in relation to INMS Activity 3.1: "Design common methodology & conduct regional demonstrations to refine regional N(r) assessments and improve understanding of regional N cycles"
  • Acting in an advisory capacity for the remaining of the IGR-4 and in support of the Bali Declaration

A provisional agenda for the GLOC-3 can be found here.

More information about the IGR-4, including a provisional agenda can be found here.






There is a separate registration form for the GLOC-3/IGR-4 which can be found here.

Please email your completed form to:

Please register separately for the INMS Activity 2.4 & 3.1 meetings using the webform found here.

Closing date to register: 22/09/17

Please note: If you require travel funding, further documentation, and/or visa documentation, please wait for INMS to contact you before booking your travel and accommodation.

Please direct any questions to:

*02/10/2017: UNEP have confirmed that the GLOC-3 & IGR-4 will not be held in Bali, due to the volcanic activity from Mount Agung. We will confirm the revised date and location of these meetings when we know more. In the meantime please continue to register for the meetings by completing the web form and emailing the separate GLOC and IGR registration form to

*GLOC & IGR Registration note:

1) Since most INMS delegates will not be representing governments please put INMS/INI, and any other organisational bodies that you may be representing (i.e GPNM), under 'Representing International Organization' instead.

2) Since "delegation" refers to countries all INI/INMS delegates will be attending as advisors.

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Event Date: 

Sunday, October 22, 2017 to Friday, October 27, 2017