Activity 2.3

Activity 2.3 - Integrating methods, measures & good practices to address issues of excess & insufficient reactive nitrogen

This Activity complements the global synthesis of Activity 2.2 as well as contributing to it. Its purpose is more technical, focusing on reviewing and integrating detailed descriptions of management guidance for parts of the nitrogen cycle into a comprehensive whole. The starting point is to gather different existing published sources on good practice guidance, also drawing on the Tool developed as part of the UNEP/GEF Global Nutrient Cycles Project, which is a part of the Global Partnership on Nutrient Management. The challenge is to bring these together, while reviewing emerging technologies and approaches, to prepare more synthetic guidance that highlights the win-wins-wins for food production, soil, water and air quality, climate, biodiversity, and energy.

The activity needs to consider all possible sources of N where better management practices can be developed to reduce adverse effects and offer improved access to the benefits of nitrogen. This activity and prepared guidance also include sections on reducing (and especially recapturing and recycling) NOx emissions, as well as recycling other N resources such as from solid waste and waste water. An overall philosophy to develop better nitrogen recycling approaches rather than denitrification approaches are explored, especially how this can contribute to Green Economy and Circular Economy developments.

  • The first task (2.3.1) of this activity is to gather material that is already available on good management of different parts of the nitrogen cycle for different impacts.

  • Task 2.3.2 is establishing a workshop to link methods and good practives fot N effects. The workshop brings together experts in a wide range of disciplines relevant to reducing nitrogen loss and promoting good practives to minimize the adverse effects of N and maximise co-benefits for the economy, environment, food production and helath.

  • Task 2.3.3 is publishing revised papers and prepation of synthesis guidance document, based on the information and discussion from the workshop in 2.3.2.

  • Task 2.3.4 is engaging with stakeholders to review the Synthetic N guidance document.

  • The final task (2.3.5) is publishing of the Synthesis document and updating the practice database.

Activity 2.3 is being delivered under Component 2. The diagram below shows the tasks and task outputs deliviered for this activity.