Activity 3.1

Activity 3.1 - Design common methodology & conduct regional demos to refine regional Nr assessments and improve understanding of regional N cycle

This describes an approach which is being replicated across the four INMS demonsration cases.

It includes the following tasks:

  • Examination of N flows by source sector & loss pathway; including improving access to data, leading to quantification of the main flows, better access to data and improved understanding (Task 3.1.1 & 3.1.2).

  • Identification and quantification of the major N source sectors and the major uncertainties (Task 3.1.3).

  • Identification and agreement of the main threats and benefits related to nitrogen for the region, in cooperation with stakeholders (3.1.4 & 3.1.5).

  • Description of the situation in the region accorsing to the N performance indiccators, in cooperation with the global scale analysis of Components 1 and 2, giving a basis to compare regions (3.1.6).

  • Review of available options for better N management and mitigation, including consideration of the N co-benefits and any trade-offs, identifhying win-win opportunities and delivering regional priority lists of options (3.1.7).

  • Profile success stories, especially through engagement with local or regional programmes, while conversely identifying the main barriers to change, and demonstrating how a joined-up N approach could provide support to help overcome the barriers (3.1.8).

  • Contribution to scenario development in cooperation with global analysis, so that the global N scenarios are informed by evidence from the regional demonstrations (3.1.9).

Activity 3.1 is being delivered under Component 3. The diagram below shows the tasks and task outputs deliviered for this activity.