Activity 4.1

Activity 4.1 - Establishment and Operation of INMS Communications Hub

The elements of this activity form the core of the communications function and strategy of the project. The project contains a diverse set of partners, from research organisations to business and industry and similarly needs to engage with a diverse set of stakeholders, from intergovernmental processes to the public. This Activity therefore brings together a range of approaches to engaging with the wide range of communities involved.

  • Task 4.1.1 focuses on the establishment, population and operation of the INMS web portal, which is the first port of call for all partners and stakeholders. A high quality web presence is being designed and implemented, including a members’ only area.

  • This allows the portal to both support the ongoing work of the project and provide a platform for stakeholder exchange and dissemination of results and key messages emerging from the project, which links also to Task 4.1.4. The portal is flexible enough to allow groups to discuss their work in dedicated forums and link to social media.

  • Accessed through the portal, the focus of task 4.1.2 is the establishment of an INMS database system. A wide range of potential datasets and catalogued information need to be accessible to partners. The necessary datasets need to be identified and the most suitable way of providing access to them, be designed and delivered.

  • Internal communication is the focus of Task 4.1.3, which in connection with the work of Task 4.1.1 on the web portal, establishes and maintains information exchange with the partners, e.g. through newsletters, provision of background documents to INMS plenary meetings and circulating items for consultation.

  •  In Task 4.1.4 the effort is focussed on widening the stakeholder engagement of the project, including through the development of key messages for use in the media and for the public. Engagement products, paper based but also potentially video or audio products, along with working with the press to raise the profile of documents emerging from the project are required. Again this links closely with the work of Task 4.1.1, as all products developed will be made accessible on the web portal.

Activity 4.1 is being delivered under Component 4. The diagram below shows the tasks and task outputs deliviered for this activity.