Get Involved

We are interested to hear from individuals and organisations that would like to either get involved or make contact with the Towards INMS project. If you are already a partner in the project, we will be in touch in the next few weeks to re-engage with you, to discuss your interests in the project further, now that we are in operational phase. However, if you wish to make contact right now, and/or engage with a specific Activity please do so through either or by entering your interest in  the 'getting involved' webform here.

If you are not a partner, you can still engage in the work of the project and we would be interested to hear from you. Please also use the webform here, to show your interest.

Any organisation that wishes to become a partner in the project can do so, through offering in-kind co-financing. To learn more about this process, please contact

If you would like to join the mailing list, please contact . 

Please note that we will update these pages in the coming weeks, with a more formalised process for each of the above processes and groups.