INMS Task 1.1.2 Meeting & Managing Environmental Impacts From Intensive Animal Industries Symposium

Meeting Information

The INMS Task 1.1.2 meeting, was held in Melbourne, Australia from the 5th-7th December 2018, alongside a symposium ‘Managing environmental impacts from intensive animal industries ’.

The symposium titled ‘Managing environmental impacts from intensive animal industries' was held from the 3-4th December. These two days included presentations, expert panels and discussions, focusing on the environmental challenges related to intensifying animal production systems. These days covered a range of topics within this scope, including the changing nature of animal production systems, quantification of impacts, industry and governmental responses, policy approaches, and evidence of improvements in the sector. Participants were from a range of governmental organisations, universities, research organisations and industry partners.

Following the symposium, from the 5th-7th December, there was a focused Task 1.1.2 meeting, the aims of which were to make progress on the international harmonization of whole farm and within farm N balances and indicator approaches, and models to improve the sustainable intensification of dairy systems. This work will feed into the INMS Task deliverables, which include selection of international case studies and development of a guidance document on farm nitrogen budgets.

Read the final report of the conference here.

INMS Event Date: 

Monday, 3 December, 2018 to Friday, 7 December, 2018