INMS at the World Environment Day 2018, New Delhi

INMS at the World Environment Day 2018, New Delhi

On 4th of June, 2018, as part of the World Environment Day 2018, a panel discussion was chaired by Prof. Mark Sutton, director of INMS, titled "Nitrogen: Joining Up for a Cleaner Environment".

The session concluded with the following:

- More scientific evidence is needed for better understanding of the scale of the impacts of nitrogen pollution.

- Evidences should be translated to a form that the public can understand. Therefore, the Indian Nitrogen Group is encouraged to work with NGOs to produce a public summary of the Indian Nitrogen Assessment, for a broad consensus and understanding.

- Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF) look promising also from the point of view of nitrogen. However, it need further validation and testing for improving performance.

- There is a huge opportunity for India and South-Asia to take the lead in bringing the draft Nitrogen Resolution to the UN Environment Assembly. 

For more updates on the session see the INMS Twitter feed: @TowardsINMS and the hashtag #Nitrogen4WED.