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Impact of manure compost amendments on NH3 volatilization in rice paddy ecosystems during cultivation 2021 Journal Article
Impacts of nitrogen addition on plant species richness and abundance: A global meta-analysis 2019 Journal Article
Impacts of nitrogen emissions on ecosystems and human health: A mini review 2021 Journal Article
Improving the social cost of nitrous oxide 2021 Journal Article
In advance, satellites reveal hidden hot spots of ammonia pollution 2018 Journal Article
Indo-gangetic plains are ammonia hotspot of the world 2020 Journal Article
Influence of Organic-Mineral Fertilizer Viteri 8–4–5 on Growth Processes of Crop Plants 2019 Journal Article
Institutional levers of maintenance of ecological-economic efficiency of agricultural land-use 2019 Journal Article
Intercomparison of in situ measurements of ambient NH3: instrument performance and application under field conditions 2022 Journal Article
Investigation of NH3 Fluxes over a Flooded Rice Paddy in India 2019 Conference Paper
Investigations of long-term changes of reed-bed zone and waters plants borders in Dniester Estuary 2018 Conference Paper
Is rice field a nitrogen source or sink for the environment? 2021 Journal Article
Long-term changes in atmospheric nitrogen deposition and stream water nitrate leaching from forested watersheds in western Japan 2021 Journal Article
Long-term increases in soil carbon due to ecosystem fertilization by atmospheric nitrogen deposition demonstrated by regional-scale modelling and observations 2017 Journal Article
LTSER platforms as a place-based transdisciplinary research infrastructure: learning landscape approach through evaluation 2018 Journal Article