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United Kingdom unveils ambitious air pollution plan 2018 Journal Article
Cleaning up nitrogen pollution may reduce future carbon sinks 2018 Journal Article
Drivers for spatial, temporal and long-term trends in atmospheric ammonia and ammonium in the UK 2018 Journal Article
Present status of East forest-steppe of Ukraine with reference to ravine-beam system of «Mitrishin ovrag » 2018 Journal Article
Hotspots for Nitrogen and Phosphorus Losses from Food Production in China: A County-Scale Analysis 2018 Journal Article
Uncertainties and implications of applying aggregated data for spatial modelling of atmospheric ammonia emissions 2018 Journal Article
China’s livestock transition: Driving forces, impacts, and consequences 2018 Journal Article
Designing Vulnerable Zones of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Transfers To Control Water Pollution in China 2018 Journal Article
Camouflaged as degraded wax: hygroscopic aerosols contribute to leaf desiccation, tree mortality, and forest decline 2018 Journal Article
Nitrogen-induced new net primary production and carbon sequestration in global forests 2018 Journal Article
Options for keeping the food system within environmental limits 2018 Journal Article
Spatial variation of modelled total, dry and wet nitrogen deposition to forests at global scale 2018 Journal Article
Acid gases and aerosol measurements in the UK (1999–2015): regional distributions and trends 2018 Journal Article
Response of a peat bog vegetation community to long-term experimental addition of nitrogen 2018 Journal Article
LTSER platforms as a place-based transdisciplinary research infrastructure: learning landscape approach through evaluation 2018 Journal Article