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Options for keeping the food system within environmental limits 2018 Journal Article
Spatial variation of modelled total, dry and wet nitrogen deposition to forests at global scale 2018 Journal Article
Acid gases and aerosol measurements in the UK (1999–2015): regional distributions and trends 2018 Journal Article
Response of a peat bog vegetation community to long-term experimental addition of nitrogen 2018 Journal Article
LTSER platforms as a place-based transdisciplinary research infrastructure: learning landscape approach through evaluation 2018 Journal Article
Strategic directions of development of the inner carbon market of sector of agricultural land-use 2018 Journal Article
Teoretychni zasady zabezpechennya nyzʹkovuhletsevoho zemlekorystuvannya v silʹsʹkomu hospodarstvi [Theoretical Foundations for Low Carbon Land Management in Agriculture] 2018 Journal Article
Molecular Targets for Improvement of Crop Nitrogen Use Efficiency: Current and Emerging Options 2018 Book Chapter
Research of Hydrological Characteristics of the Odessa Bay Waters in 2016-2017 2018 Conference Paper
Hydrological studies of the Dniester estuary in 2012-2017 2018 Conference Paper
Trophic state of Dnitstrovsky Estuary in summer 2012-2017 2018 Conference Paper
Analysis of EU Directives requirements on their use in solving the atmospheric N pollution problem 2018 Conference Paper
Analysis of EU Directives requirements on solving the problem of N load for the aquatic ecosystems 2018 Conference Paper
Investigations of long-term changes of reed-bed zone and waters plants borders in Dniester Estuary 2018 Conference Paper
Trophic status of the Dniester Delta lakes in 2006-2017 2018 Journal Article