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Experimental comparison of continuous and intermittent flooding of rice in relation to methane, nitrous oxide and ammonia emissions and the implications for nitrogen use efficiency and yield 2021 Journal Article
Comparison of spatial and temporal changes in riverine nitrate concentration from terrestrial basins to the sea between the 1980s and the 2000s in Japan: Impact of recent demographic shifts 2021 Journal Article
Spatially explicit boundaries for agricultural nitrogen inputs in the European Union to meet air and water quality targets 2021 Journal Article
Analysis of atmospheric ammonia over South and East Asia based on the MOZART-4 model and its comparison with satellite and surface observations 2021 Journal Article
Nitrogen and the food system 2021 Journal Article
Pan-European rural monitoring network shows dominance of NH3 gas and NH4NO3 aerosol in inorganic atmospheric pollution load 2021 Journal Article
Peculiarities of Long-Term Changes in Bacterioplankton Numbers in the Dniester Liman 2021 Journal Article
Nitrosat, a satellite mission concept for mapping reactive nitrogen at the landscape scale 2021 Conference Paper
A Research Road Map for Responsible Use of Agricultural Nitrogen 2021 Journal Article
Eco-friendly yield-scaled global warming potential assists to determine the right rate of nitrogen in rice system: A systematic literature review 2021 Journal Article
Improving the social cost of nitrous oxide 2021 Journal Article
Cropping system design can improve nitrogen use efficiency in intensively managed agriculture 2021 Journal Article
Is rice field a nitrogen source or sink for the environment? 2021 Journal Article
Impacts of nitrogen emissions on ecosystems and human health: A mini review 2021 Journal Article
Uncertainty of nitrogen budget in China 2021 Journal Article