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Cropping system design can improve nitrogen use efficiency in intensively managed agriculture 2021 Journal Article
Is rice field a nitrogen source or sink for the environment? 2021 Journal Article
Impacts of nitrogen emissions on ecosystems and human health: A mini review 2021 Journal Article
Uncertainty of nitrogen budget in China 2021 Journal Article
Nitrogen burden from atmospheric deposition in East Asian oceans in 2010 based on high-resolution regional numerical modeling 2021 Journal Article
Agricultural nitrogen and phosphorus balances of Korea and Japan: Highest nutrient surplus among OECD member countries 2021 Journal Article
The godfather of pollution 2021 Journal Article
Ammonium removal and recovery from sewage water using column-system packed highly selective ammonium adsorbent 2021 Journal Article
Long-term changes in atmospheric nitrogen deposition and stream water nitrate leaching from forested watersheds in western Japan 2021 Journal Article
Nitrogen budgets of contrasting crop-livestock systems in China 2021 Journal Article
Comparison of spatial and temporal changes in riverine nitrate concentration from terrestrial basins to the sea between the 1980s and the 2000s in Japan: Impact of recent demographic shifts 2021 Journal Article
Ammonium salt production in NH3-CO2-H2O system using a highly selective adsorbent, copper hexacyanoferrate 2021 Journal Article
Tree manipulation experiment for the short-term effect of tree cutting on N2O emission: A evaluation using Bayesian hierarchical modeling 2021 Journal Article
Impact of manure compost amendments on NH3 volatilization in rice paddy ecosystems during cultivation 2021 Journal Article
Budget of riverine nitrogen over the East China Sea shelf 2021 Journal Article