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Strategic directions of development of the inner carbon market of sector of agricultural land-use 2018 Journal Article
Teoretychni zasady zabezpechennya nyzʹkovuhletsevoho zemlekorystuvannya v silʹsʹkomu hospodarstvi [Theoretical Foundations for Low Carbon Land Management in Agriculture] 2018 Journal Article
Molecular Targets for Improvement of Crop Nitrogen Use Efficiency: Current and Emerging Options 2018 Book Chapter
Research of Hydrological Characteristics of the Odessa Bay Waters in 2016-2017 2018 Conference Paper
Hydrological studies of the Dniester estuary in 2012-2017 2018 Conference Paper
Trophic state of Dnitstrovsky Estuary in summer 2012-2017 2018 Conference Paper
Analysis of EU Directives requirements on their use in solving the atmospheric N pollution problem 2018 Conference Paper
Analysis of EU Directives requirements on solving the problem of N load for the aquatic ecosystems 2018 Conference Paper
Investigations of long-term changes of reed-bed zone and waters plants borders in Dniester Estuary 2018 Conference Paper
Trophic status of the Dniester Delta lakes in 2006-2017 2018 Journal Article
Odessa Bay phytoplankton investigations in 2016-2017 2018 Journal Article
Metrics for evaluating the ecological benefits of decreased nitrogen deposition 2017 Journal Article
The nitrogen, carbon and greenhouse gas budget of a grazed, cut and fertilised temperate grassland 2017 Journal Article
Global-Scale Impact of Human Nitrogen Fixation on Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2017 Journal Article
High temporal resolution modelling of environmentally-dependent seabird ammonia emissions: Description and testing of the GUANO model 2017 Journal Article